Savoir-Relier the method

Discover more about this powerful and easy-to-follow methodology to grow your self-confidence and produce relationships of trust

Savoir-Relier is the art of inter-acting with others

A practical method to help anyone develop their abilities to link different people, ideas, intuitions and perceptions.


It allows us to exchange on a deeper level and truly get to know each other, thus creating cohesion and trust within a group.

“Savoir” means “knowledge” or “to know”


"Relier" means "to bind" and  by extension "to rely-on"


30 years of research

Valérie Gauthier first used the term “Savoir-Relier” in the title of an article published by Economica in 1994. Twenty years later her book describing the method, Leading with Sense, was published by Stanford University Press.


The method has been practiced by individuals and companies since 2004. Over 100,000 people have practiced Savoir-Relier to discover their true potential, self-confidence, and leadership based on their own style.

Valerie Gauthier

Valérie Gauthier

Author of Savoir-Relier

Valérie Gauthier has a BS in Psychology, Masters in Modern Literature and English, a PhD in Comparative Literature and Stanford’s Graduate Business School’s Executive Program (EPSO).

She has built relational communication and leadership development programs in schools and in companies under the concept of Savoir-Relier. She is a Professor at HEC Paris and has taught courses at NYU Stern and MIT Sloan as Visiting Professor.

The experience, a 4-step process

Step 1

You & Yourself

Grow self-awareness and self-confidence.


The starting point of any relationship is our inner selves: “how I will connect with myself, in a deep and qualitative way, being able to question myself and then to think about myself with perspective.”

Step 1

Step 2

You & Others

Build trust without judgement.


Genuine exchange helps us take a step back and welcome others’ perspectives on ourselves.

Step 2

Step 3

You & Groups

Discover your place and role in a group.


Learn to face changes and adversity in a group and use tensions positively to build collective intelligence.

Step 3

Step 4

You & Society

Act upon a common sense of purpose.


Check the alignment of your personal and professional objectives and engage responsibly.

Step 4

Develop the 3Gs

The Savoir-Relier Experience allows participants to develop the 3Gs in their relationships. Those 3 characteristics are those of a leader with a strong relational ability.


They lead to a more responsible, intuitive, and human approach to business, which will result in increased balance and productivity. An increasing number of companies are advocating this type of management, which fosters the open exchange of knowledge and experience among co-workers and leads to increased profits.




Authenticity, wholeness, transparency, ability to be more aware of our senses and respect our perceptions of ourselves and others.


Generated behaviors:

  • I speak openly and show self-esteem
  • I question myself
  • I do as I say (“walk the talk”)
  • I am true to myself




Commitment, gift of self, of time in our relationships, ability to empathize and unite.


Generated behaviors:

  • I listen to others first
  • I express my perception and feelings
  • I care and pay attention to the other
  • I am committed and respectful to others




Ability to create, to generate value and to foster innovation with purpose.


Generated behaviors:

  • I can learn from my mistakes
  • I act for the common good
  • I am autonomous and source of initiative
  • I create value or business and innovate


For Individuals

Increase self-awareness
Enhance confidence & trust
Foster engagement & authenticity
Boost entrepreneurial actions
Generate better acceptance

For Companies

Capture and retain talents
Create authentic fit between people
Foster genuine behaviors
Open progression and mobility opportunities
Generate transparent and effective exchange

L'ATELIERdu Savoir-Relier

With L’ATELIER we have designed a wide range of exercises and tools to create specific programs using the Savoir-Relier method based on what you need for yourself, your team or your company.


We offer two options:


  1. Co-Design
    We can co-create a specific Program to meet your needs in situations like a merger or reorganization in your company, a new leader joining your team, a market crisis or facing recurrent issues such as team cohesion, turnover, or lack of cross-functional exchange…
  2. Off-the-Shelf  
    We have designed programs and courses that you can sign up for as an individual or launch in your company.

Note: Your company may already have included our programs or courses in their on-line training catalog. Check with your HR.