Crafting Relations
of Trust

Within helps you build relationships of trust at home and at work.

Increase your self-confidence, develop your relational skills and improve your performance.

Relationshipsare at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you connect with yourself, one other person, a group or society at large, you need to master your relational skills to align who you are with what you say and do.

A proven method

Within relies on the Savoir-Relier approach to address real-life cases

30 years of research

At the crossroads of psychology, sociology, linguistics, poetry, cognitive and neurosciences. 35 years
of practice in teaching and training in leadership, management and personal development

Nobody ever taught us better

The Savoir-Relier journey is built on self-reflection, unique one-on-one interactions and group sharing.

A framework to guide you step by step

Based on many interactive activities and exercises around awareness, personal reflection, trust and sharing, we offer a secure framework that frees you up and helps you let go to better understand the uncertainties and challenges you face on a daily basis.

Apply to many areas of your life

Making a good first impression

Organizations do not have a second chance to onboard their first time employee


The quality of employee onboarding in organizations is a critical success factor of recruitment and yet very often underestimated (the contract is signed, so …).
This is the time where expectations and reality are met…or not and the impact of the employee’s future engagement is decisive.


The Savoir-Relier approach offers a very structured process that strengthens the ties between the organization and the employee and builds the conditions of trust and engagement.


You will use processes like Co-development to identify what makes sense for your organization in terms of retaining and engaging new talent.


Shared benefits

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