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Within helps you build relationships of trust, increase your self-confidence, develop your relational skills and improve your performance.

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Relational competence drives performance

Within helps build the powerful connections across teams to grow the cross-functional collaborative mindset essential to high-level performance.


Technical expertise can only materialize with relational skills. The capacity to connect, to relate to others is the critical factor of performance. We never perform alone. We need other(s) to deliver our potential. The level of performance in a group is directly linked to the quality of the relationships between the actors.

Build relationships of Trust



It is not always easy to trust. In some culture, trust requires time and acts of faith. However, in business, we don’t have the luxury of time. People move around and trust needs to be built quickly. This sounds incompatible and yet it is possible to build trust fast when we realize the benefits and the value trust can bring.


Trust is the result and the source of good relations. With trust, we gain time, we save resources and we create value by focusing on the essential. Without trust, relations can become toxic and destroy value. 


You will experience the fundamental practice of Savoir-Relier called the DUO. With this one on one exercise you will discover how trust can be built even with strangers.   


Reconcile profit with Sense



Very often profit and sense are seen as in opposition and in a way they are: profit with no sense is often perceived as cynical, calculated, materialistic. Sense without profit can be seen as idealistic, naïve, disconnected from reality. With Savoir-relier, we want to connect the opposites, we find the value in tensions. Profit and sense can and should dance together. Their relation will produce more sense and more profit. 


Grow as a responsible Leader



Growing as a leader is not about mastering some specific skills (decision making, influence, courage…) .It is about creating a coherent connection between you and yourself, you and the other, you and the group, you and the society. It is a transformative journey that helps you develop a posture (humility, attention, benevolence, respect…) that will lead to responsible action (courage, assertiveness, determination, drive). Holding yourself responsible for you acts is difficult (living with the consequences of your decisions) but utterly rewarding (sense building, fulfillment, motivation…). 

You will live a self-reflection moment called the Solo where you will put in words some of the fundamentals questions that constitute your relation with yourself, with the other, with the group and with the society. This sense making exercise will help you define what kind of leader you want and can be.   


A proven process to develop relational leadership and build trust within and across teams.

30 years of research

Within relies on the Savoir-Relier, a method born after 30 years of research and 35 years of practice in teaching and training in leadership, management and personal development.

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