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Learn to build quality relationships and increase your self-confidence.

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Change the way you see yourself and the world around you

The experience focuses on individual perception and interpersonal reliance to develop confidence and trust as the foundations to unfold the knots, build sense and prepare for leadership action plans.

Years old methodology
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Learn to build
quality relationships

Savoir-Relier methodology helps you build individual and interpersonal trust, embrace adversity and complexity to influence and impact the world positively

Grow as an individual Grow as a community

From self-awareness to trust, you grow collective intelligence and act with a common sense of purpose

A 4-step process to transform tensions into positive relationships

The Savoir-Relier protocol helps you grow relational capacity over four dimensions.

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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One Self

Grow self-awareness and self-confidence

One Other

Build trust without judgement

A Group

Face changes, adversity or tensions


Act upon a common sense of purpose

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Measured impact on 2000 live users and 70 000 online users

Individual level

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Increase confidence & trust

  • Foster engagement & authenticity

  • Boost entrepreneurial actions

  • Generate better acceptance

Group level

  • Capture and retain talents

  • Create authentic fit between people

  • Foster genuine behaviors

  • Open progression and mobility opportunities

  • Generate transparent and effective exchange

our results

Listen to what they have to say

Feedback from teams and individuals that use Savoir-Relier.

In 2014 I inquired about the Savoir-Relier approach as I wanted to create more cohesion and deeper, more qualitative relationships within my leadership team. Over a two-day seminar, we were able to deep-dive into ourselves and learned to truly know each other. […]

Applying Savoir-Relier to our business issues, we have increased our speed of decision and execution. I recommend the savoir-relier protocol to all leaders who wish to engage their team in self-reflection and interpersonal exchange to increase the quality of their work with a strong and common sense of purpose.


Chairman and CEO at The Absolut Company, Pernod Ricard

The challenging and highly efficient Savoir-Relier approach unleashed new energies in the team. 

The impact on the group was: higher performance, better sharing and communication and the ambition to go for superior results. 

The Savoir-Relier’s ROI is exceptional and can be measured by the strong motivation, low team turnover and the retention of high potentials.


CEO, Ulysse Nardin & girard-Perregaux at Kering

Savoir-Relier is about learning how one and one can add up to three. Nurturing interpersonal relationships may seem obvious for a sustainable growth but often times, reality falls short of expectations.

The experience of Savoir-Relier helps you understand and start building that virtuous circle, bringing sense to your accomplishments.



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