You are the architect of your own destiny; you are also the builder who must labour to make it so; and when you make it so, you are the resident who dwells within what you have made.

– Stephen Cheney. Sensei of Five Martial Arts.

Leadership requires the use of many philosophies that are dependant upon the organisation to which they thrive in or even the societies. Many philosophers such as Aristotle, Sun Tzu, Socrates, Plato, Confucius and the list goes on, have normally played part of the wisdom in societies and strategy in the survival of business to remain competitive.

Philosophies are determined in use by what situation may arise. In leadership it is what we see with “new eyes” that provide the extent in which we are guided and that craft out our paths.

In example of looking with new eyes, when people consider the “martial arts” they think of a restricted concept of people fighting of each other with or without rules.

This is the “martial aspects” however, the martial arts are broader in what they have to offer which is devised in the “arts” portion of martial arts. For instance, martial arts encompass eastern philosophies, the ancient cultures and ways, critical methods of thinking; practical solutions to problems; “bio mechanics; neuroscience; and behavioural psychology.”

The wisdom of the masters of the east has stemmed from practical warfare and personal survival into business strategies and personal development.

The philosophies offered provide vantages in all aspects of living and transactions between people.

Such as;

  1. To survive every day in business, competition, and life.
  2. To have balance of the holistic well- being- that be spiritual, mind, physical, emotion, environment.

Modern business courses often include these strategies. All leaders require strategies of success. Leadership involves the application of well tested wisdom.

The masters have a lifetime of experience and pass on what they have learned, however what they require is not to follow them by rote but to create your own ways.

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