Burn out

4-week course to learn how to prevent and cool burn out

Cooling Burn out

Burn out is a very insidious and serious problem in organizations and for society. Most companies are helpless in addressing this very complex and recently emerging challenge. Addressing this question is more about prevention than curation. Burn out affects the individuals that suffer from it, the teams that experience it, the organizations that have to adapt and society that pays the cost.

We have created this course from the foundation of the Savoir-Relier methodology to give you the fundamental skills and help you gather the skills to prevent burn out for yourself or others around you:

  • Self-reflection will help you understand better the cause of your problem

  • Self-confidence will grow your capacity to distance yourself from your situation
  • You will grow resilience by sharing with others who have experienced similar situations
  • You will find resources and avenues for new beginnings and meaningful perspectives

The course can help you read the weak signals and take action before the situation becomes out of hands. You will experience group exercises that will encourage group sharing and feedback.

Duration: 4 weeks

Workload: 2 hours per week

Format: Full on-line with optional webinars (on-demand for a group of 6 min)

Focus on Real-World Relevance

Learn from practical, real-time situations you are facing

Proven Track Record

97% satisfaction rate, 110k+ learners, 30 yo practice, Phd instructor

Build Strong Connections

Develop interpersonal relationships of trust and team bonds during this course

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice the posture that will grow your vigilance by identifying weak signals
  • Take early action thanks to self-awareness and sharing
  • Learn to face situations rather than avoid them
  • Foster group sharing and mutual support

Is this course for me?

If you are in agreement with 3 or more of these statements, this course is for you!

  • I find it very difficult to say no
  • I have doubts about my ability to meet demands
  • I sometimes have a hard time opening up to others
  • It is difficult for me to trust people
  • I don’t see any solutions to some problems I face

Course Content

Develop your curiosity and your openness to questions and writing.


Goal: How to raise your self-awareness and writing to face issues

  • How can I adopt a posture of learning? 
  • How can I be more aware of my issues without apprehension?
  • How can I use self-reflection to see more clearly where this burn out comes from?

Top 3 benefits

  • Using your senses to look at yourself 
    I can see myself more clearly
  • Discover the issues your are facing
    I see the situation with more objectivity
  • Find the power of writing
    I describe my issues as they are thanks to constructive questioning

Experience the true meaning of opening up to one other person. Learn how to build trust in a one-on-one relationship.


Goal: How to raise your self-consciousness and use self-reflection with writing

  • How can I open up to another person? 
  • How can I listen and accept someone else’s look?
  • How can I learn from the feedback I receive?

Top 3 benefits

  • Self-confidence
    I see myself better through the other
  • Understanding
    I accept my problems are not unique
  • Sharing
    I start seeing new options from the other’s perspective

Create a trustworthy group around yourself, be able to talk about adversity and find the courage to share and learn from the group.


Goal: Increase my ability to bounce back by relying on my surrounding

  • How does burn out affect my life?
  • How can I feel part of a group where I build trust and share my issues?
  • How can I find the necessary resources in the group to come out of burn out?

Top 3 benefits

  • Find the courage to share
    I can talk to others without fear
  • Discover ways to bounce back from burn out
    By sharing I am able to find collective responses
  • Learn to lean on and help others
    I realize that I am not alone in this situation and there are solutions

Uncover and understand your burn out and seize opportunities for positive change thanks to our Co-development activity.


Goal: Share my burn out issue and give meaning to my actions with responsibility

  • How can I seize opportunities beyond this burnout?
  • How can I be more in charge and find my own solutions?
  • What key actions can I take to improve my situation and take ownership of my future?

Top 3 benefits

  • Take responsibility when faced with a difficult situation
    I am conscious of my issue and able to share the context of my burn out
  • Find options to re-create sense for yourself

    I’m able to learn from my issues as well as other people’s issues

  • Give meaning
    I decide and act to improve my life and to be stronger



When you sign up, we recommend that you book a specific meeting-time each week in your agenda to interact with your peers and enjoy the value of quality interactions. 

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