Build stronger teams

Within helps build the powerful connections across teams to grow the cross-functional collaborative mindset essential to high-level performance. 

Relational competence drives Performance

Technical expertise can only materialize with relational skills. The capacity to connect, to relate to others is the critical factor of performance. We never perform alone. We need other(s) to deliver our potential. The level of performance in a group is directly linked to the quality of the relationships between the actors. For instance, Within will facilitate collaboration between a data scientist, a marketing specialist and a sales representative.


Without relational competence, expertise, knowledge do not create value. Relations are the heart of value creation. Connecting people is the source of new ideas. 

Build relationships of Trust



It is not always easy to trust. In some culture, trust requires time and acts of faith. However, in business, we don’t have the luxury of time. People move around and trust needs to be built quickly. This sounds incompatible and yet it is possible to build trust fast when we realize the benefits and the value trust can bring.


Trust is the result and the source of good relations. With trust, we gain time, we save resources and we create value by focusing on the essential. Without trust, relations can become toxic and destroy value. 


You will experience the fundamental practice of Savoir-Relier called the DUO. With this one on one exercise you will discover how trust can be built even with strangers.   


Reconcile profit with Sense



Very often profit and sense are seen as in opposition and in a way they are: profit with no sense is often perceived as cynical, calculated, materialistic. Sense without profit can be seen as idealistic, naïve, disconnected from reality. With Savoir-relier, we want to connect the opposites, we find the value in tensions. Profit and sense can and should dance together. Their relation will produce more sense and more profit. 


Grow as a responsible Leader



Growing as a leader is not about mastering some specific skills (decision making, influence, courage…) .It is about creating a coherent connection between you and yourself, you and the other, you and the group, you and the society. It is a transformative journey that helps you develop a posture (humility, attention, benevolence, respect…) that will lead to responsible action (courage, assertiveness, determination, drive). Holding yourself responsible for you acts is difficult (living with the consequences of your decisions) but utterly rewarding (sense building, fulfillment, motivation…). 

You will live a self-reflection moment called the Solo where you will put in words some of the fundamentals questions that constitute your relation with yourself, with the other, with the group and with the society. This sense making exercise will help you define what kind of leader you want and can be.   


A proven process to develop relational leadership and build trust within and across teams.

Your own needs

Depending on which challenges your company is facing, you choose which modules you need.

Your own team

We have a modular approach that ensures integration at a team’s level and company level.

Your own pace

An online platform with all courses and exercises accessible at all times and timezones.

Audience-specific Programs

We are every day facing all sorts of challenges and situations that are of very different nature; that‘s why we usually address them separately (conflict, motivation, influence, decision…). With our Savoir-Relier method, we believe that these elements are all connected. They all start with relationships.

Our Core Programs help you understand the foundations of relationships (you, the other, the group and society) and your leadership skills. Using the SOLO and the DUO as unique practices and some key tools and processes, you will work and grow among other leaders. Our programs are audience-specific.

Our programs target specific audiences (senior leaders, high potentials, former peers …) to grow leadership skills within groups of people who share similar needs and face challenges that resonate with yours.


Challenge-specific Courses

Our courses target specific relational challenges to help you find appropriate solutions. Each course relies on the Savoir-Relier method and lasts 4 to 6 weeks to improve your competences sustainably.
For example our course on resilience to bounce back from adversity, or our course on burn-out to grow self-confidence and trust.

Situation-specific Workshops

Our workshops target specific situations requiring certain competences that you feel a need to improve. Each workshop is focused and short (3 to 4 hours) to raise self-awareness about the competences needed in each situation.
For example: effective feedback requires listening and observing, on-boarding new colleagues or employees requires open-mindedness and adaptability, dealing with conflict relies on balancing inquiry and advocacy.
Before engaging in a workshop and to get the right mindset for group activities we recommend that you do our core course, Confidence.

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Schedule some time with us so we can learn a little bit more about your business challenges, and we can exchange on how to help you meet your goals.