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TO ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE OR NOT TO HELP GREEK Not long ago, Smart Faculty Visit published an article

TO ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE OR NOT TO HELP GREEK Not long ago, Smart Faculty Visit published an article from The Serious College Manual about going Greek from a student’s point of view, listing the advantages and Frauds of Traditional life. Immediately after reading that, I thought it might be interesting to check out Greek everyday life from a parent’s perspective. Since i have have unique experience in this field of college living, I wanted to talk about my opinions and suggestions to help additional parents who seem to might be looking down in which road sometime soon.

When the daughter begun her college or university search process, Greek lifetime was at the top part of the MUST HAVE list. Her grandma was a Zeda and she had always wanted to follow in her actions so to speak. Thought about my concerns (most advisors related to the very social aspect of Greek life), but I supported your ex dream as well as her university choice based on this values.

Just a calendar month into the woman freshman year or so, rush started out. Many of the woman new good friends were serious about pledging sororities and they virtually all attended recruiting events. As soon as the bids got here, my little was asked to give your word two sororities and identified the one that this girl felt suit her individuality best she felt relaxed and at convenience with the users. When the a few months of pledging and ‘hell week’ were being over, this is my daughter joined up with Alpha Phi Zeta Rho Chapter at Bentley Faculty.

Here is my PARENT list of the positives and negatives of Traditional life:


  • Her quantities suffered -The two months that very own daughter had been pledging had a damaging affect on her behalf GPA. Even though the sorority believed they necessary their affiliates to study, individuals study lessons were delayed at night and even unproductive.
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