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Just Just Just How Russia Uses Twitter To Lure People In The Us To Political Rallies

Just Just Just How Russia Uses Twitter To Lure People In The Us To Political Rallies

NEW YORK ? for a Saturday night into the autumn of 2017, regional activist Amy Bettys schlepped to Union Square in Manhattan, alongside people of the women’s reproductive rights team she works together with, to protest a proposed federal limitation on abortion.

She and her team, Women’s wellness & Reproductive Rights (WHARR), had been going to an occasion they’d seen posted online, co-sponsored by the local Women’s March Alliance and a company called the Resisters, which touted it self to be dedicated to “feminist activism against fascism.” It appeared like an opportunity that is good WHARR at that time: right right right Here had been a conference to market women’s reproductive liberties, held using one regarding the town’s busiest thoroughfares and co-sponsored by the best feminist enterprise within the WMA.

Oddly, no body through the WMA or perhaps the Resisters turned up. Alternatively, Bettys along with other activists arrived simply to be in the middle of a few counterprotesters wearing“Make that is red great again” caps and holding a pro-Donald Trump banner.

“They turned up in the first ten full minutes and had this really Trump that is professional banner a digital camera team in tow,” Bettys told HuffPost. “They were yelling at us and wanting to antagonize us. We attempted to chant over them without engaging them. We had been here to protest a bit of legislation, and so they are there for us.”

It had been strange that Trump supporters without any agenda that is clear shown up to agitate a somewhat little occasion, and weirder nevertheless that the Resisters, that has arranged the protest, didn’t arrive after all.

“Turns away, the entire thing ended up being a setup,” Bettys said.

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