The Savoir-Relier Experience

A method developed by Valérie Gauthier to build quality relationships and increase your self-confidence.

The Concept

Savoir-Relier is “an approach that allows to better create, to better invent, to better develop”

– Valérie Gauthier.

It considers that the starting point of any relationship is our inner selves: “how I will connect with myself, in a deep and qualitative way, being able to question myself and then to think about myself with perspective.”

Hence, the first step is the Self-Portrait. The Self-Portrait is an opportunity to stop and face ourselves. This allows the participant to “think in a different way and better know him.herself”.

However if we stop here, we “go around in circles” because we reflect alone and the only inputs are ours. So from the self-reflexion we should go on to a second step: the duo. During the Duo, we exchange our Self-Portrait with a stranger. Both will read the other’s self-portrait and engage in a conversation.

This genuine exchange helps us take a step back and welcome others’ perspectives on ourselves. It is both a tool of questioning and inspiration.

What does Savoir-Relier mean?

“Savoir-Relier” is the ​convergence of two French words: “Savoir” which means “knowledge” or “to know” and “Relier” that could be translated into “to link”. 

Savoir-Relier is the art of connecting with others.
A practical method to help anyone develop their abilities to link people, ideas, intuitions and perceptions.

It allows us to exchange on a deeper level and truly get to know each other, thus creating cohesion and trust within a group.

The Origin

Savoir-Relier was born in 2008 after 15 years of research and experience by Valérie Gauthier.

A book, Leading with Sense, was published in 2014 by Stanford University Press.

SR helps people discover their true potential, self-confidence, and leadership based on their own style. 

The Experience:

a 4-step process to transform tensions into positive relationships

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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One Self

Grow self-awareness and self-confidence

One Other

Build trust without judgement

A Group

Face changes, adversity or tensions


Act upon a common sense of purpose

The 3Gs

The Savoir-Relier Experience allows participants to develop the 3Gs in their relationships. Those 3 characteristics are those of a leader with a strong relational ability.


Authenticity, wholeness, transparency, ability to be more aware of our senses and respect our perceptions of ourselves and others.


Commitment, gift of self, of time in our relationships, ability to empathize and unite.


Ability to create, to generate value and to foster innovation with purpose.



Individual level

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Enhance confidence & trust

  • Foster engagement & authenticity

  • Boost entrepreneurial actions

  • Generate better acceptance

Group level

  • Capture and retain talents

  • Create authentic fit between people

  • Foster genuine behaviors

  • Open progression and mobility opportunities

  • Generate transparent and effective exchange

our results

97% Satisfaction Rate

Valerie Gauthier offers an original, engaging, important, and useful perspective on effective leadership for dynamic times. The book shows how top managers are driving organizational change based increasingly on relational intelligence. It adds to the growing literature that highlights the development of deep leadership traits – not just narrow skillsets.

David Schmittlein
Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management

A wonderful book, admirably lucid, a pleasure to read. Valérie Gauthier’s story of how she has used enjoyable and stimulating exercises to enrich personal and professional life across many different organizations is fascinating. Now I understand why she has herself had such extraordinary success as a leader, international negotiator, sports champion and as an inspiring person.

Theodore Zeldin
CBE President, Oxford Muse Foundation

I get to be more confident and fight for my sense of purpose in life, by facing the fear and wounds deep in my heart, and eventually find the balance.

Hui Ying HUANG

I am doing the Savoir Relier course during a burn out I have at the moment. I just started and I already feel I made such a wise decision. It makes me happier every day and gives me positivity and strength. I love the program! Thank you!

Annemiek Rouwen
Trade Marketing Specialist at IWC Schaffhausen

After taking the course I have a feeling that I have identifed and understand/ appreciate my self portrait, performance blind spot which would hopefully enhance my leadership skills and especially my decision making skills.

Manager at Emirates National Oil

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