4-week course to grow your self-confidence and trust

Confidence the core component of growth

Confidence is the core component of growth. It is a key to open the doors of learning, discovery and success. Confidence is most needed in times of change or when we make decisions or choices. It is a characteristic that human beings can develop as a child in an environment of trust and love. But life challenges shake our confidence level and work is necessary to build, gain or restore it. This is why it is so important to work on developing your confidence regularly.

We have created this course from the foundation of the Savoir-Relier methodology to give you the fundamental skills to pursue your personal development under 4 principles:

  • Self-reflection will drive self-awareness and increase self-confidence
  • Curiosity and openness come with confidence
  • We need to create an environment of mutual trust
  • Sharing reinforces confidence

This course will guide you to grow individual, interpersonal and group confidence to  grow your relational competence and prepare you for the moments of decisions and choices you make in your life.

Duration: 4 weeks

Workload: 2 hours per week

Format: Full on-line with optional webinars (on-demand for a group of 6 min)

Focus on Real-World Relevance

Learn from practical, real-time situations you are facing

Proven Track Record

97% satisfaction rate, 110k+ learners, 30 yo practice, Phd instructor

Build Strong Connections

Develop interpersonal relationships of trust and team bonds during this course

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing a questioning posture and growing curiosity
  • Using self-reflection and introspection to increase self-awareness with the SOLO
  • Discovering another person just for who s.he is with the DUO
  • Engaging in other DUOS to gain perspective on yourself and practice the “no judgment, no intention and no expectation” relational setting

Is this course for me?

If you are in agreement with 3 or more of these statements, this course is for you!

  • I often hesitate to make a decision even for small things
  • I have doubts about my ability to perform certain tasks
  • I sometimes have a hard time getting my ideas across or convincing others
  • It is difficult for me to trust people
  • I don’t know how to open up to others, especially to share difficult matters

Course Content

Develop your curiosity and your openness to questions and writing.

Goal: How to raise your self-consciousness and use self-reflection with writing

  • How can I adopt a posture of learning? 
  • How can I ask discover more about myself without apprehension?
  • How can I use writing to deepen my awareness?

Top 3 benefits

  • Using your senses to look at yourself 
    I can see myself more clearly
  • Discover the dynamic nature of your personality
    I accept myself as I am
  • Find the power of writing
    I describe myself more objectively

Ask the right questions and understand yourself as a relational being from multiple perspectives with reflection and introspection.


Goal: How to raise your self-consciousness and use self-reflection with writing

  • How can I adopt a posture of learning? 
  • How can I ask question without feeling threatened?
  • How can I use writing to deepen my awareness?

Top 3 benefits

  • Self-Awareness 
    I understand myself in my different relational circles
  • Self-Esteem
    I accept myself as I am better
  • Self-Confidence
    I gain confidence in my capabilities

Experience the true meaning of opening up to others. Learn how to build trust in a one-on-one relationship.


Goal: Opening up, accepting others without feeling insecure

  • How does the look of another person on me impact me?
  • How does discovering each other by sharing our SOLOs build confidence?
  • Which values, characteristics, and behaviors do I discover?

Top 3 benefits

  • Confidence and trust in relationships
    I discover and welcome the other without judgement
  • Ability to open up and feel good
    I feel free to engage in dialogue with the other
  • Learn to share feedback with sincerity
    I am able to share my perception and receive the other’s without fear

Every individual is unique and will offer a unique perspective. Create a trustworthy group around yourself by using the DUO to discover others and keep learning about yourself from your different experiences.


Goal: Increase my ability to build trust by using the DUO as a means to discover more about myself and others

  • How does each new DUO bring perspective on my self-knowledge?
  • What can I do with the different feedback I receive form others?
  • How do my characteristics help me build confidence?

Top 3 benefits

  • Find the courage to share
    I can talk to other individuals without fear
  • Grow openness to others and gain perspective 
    By sharing I am able to find new views about myself and others’ life
  • Learn to create an environment of trust
    I realize that I am not alone and trust is good



When you sign up, we recommend that you book a specific meeting-time each week in your agenda to interact with your peers and enjoy the value of quality interactions. 

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