What emotion is behind your story?

Share true stories and strong emotions with Dialog’, with family, friends, at work with or without a game master.

Rebuild the conditions for authentic and respectful dialogue.

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Game rules

The storyteller draws a dialogue card and an emotion that inspires a lived story and tells his story with the hidden emotion.
Players guess the emotion the storyteller felt by listening to the story carefully.
Players exchange with each other and with the counter to find the correct answer.


Our differences become opportunities to dialogue and discover new perspectives from the storyteller’s story.

At work, with friends or family, Dialog’ is a game accessible to everyone: you just have to talk to each other, listen to each other and observe. Whatever the age, culture, point of view, or beliefs, it’s always fun and enriching to share.


Be amazed by the stories shared, the discovery of others, of oneself and by the rich diversity of human perceptions and emotions.

By listening and observing the storyteller, I understand the person better, and I discover the richness of the dialogue, the exchange with other players and the different interpretations that everyone makes of the same story and hidden emotions.


It is exciting !

Sometimes, I perceive an emotion in the story that I believe to be that of the storyteller and when I talk with the other players, I realize that they have identified other emotions. So, by talking, we discover the difficulty in understanding what each person really feels.

The Dialog’ game engages individuals in a constructive exchange. At home or in the workshop, players emerge with a better understanding of others and themselves, from the emotions felt and expressed to the emotions perceived by others.

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Become a grandmaster

Within relies on the Savoir-Relier, a method born after 30 years of research and 35 years of practice in teaching and training in leadership, management and personal development.

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