Making feedback productive

Feedback is not an assessment

  • Feedback is a necessary skill that we use all the time
  • There is often confusion between feedback and assessment or evaluation
  • We have a hard time accepting feedback in difficult situations
  • We need to grow our empathy, our ability to listen, observe and share with respect

Using the Savoir-Relier methodology and L’ATELIER as a reservoir of knowledge and practice, in this workshop, you will improve your ability to give and receive feedback with sincerity and respect.

When signing up for this workshop, you know you are joining a group of people who, like you, are in need to improve their use of feedback to enrich their interpersonal relationships and grow their empathy.

Duration: 3 hours

Format: Full on-line

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the specific nature of feedback (not an assessment)
  • Practicing the skills for effective feedback
  • Growing your ability to receive and/or give difficult feedback
  • Using group sharing to build confidence and learn from each other

Is this workshop for me?

If you are in agreement with 3 or more of these statements, this workshop is for you!

  • I’d like to be more comfortable to convey my points more effectively to peers or to my manager
  • I have sometimes a hard time listening to people with diverging views
  • It is difficult for me to accept questioning and confrontation
  • I would like to improve my capacity to learn from negative feedback and not take other people’s words personal
  • I need to learn to avoid judgment or jumping to conclusions in my relationships


Asking the right questions and engaging in self-reflection you will understand better what feedback entails.

  1. What is your definition of feedback?
  2. When do you experience feedback (describe situations, people …)?
  3. What qualities do you need to give effective feedback?
  4. What qualities do you need to receive feedback and learn from it?
  5. How do you react when you receive negative feedback?
  6. How do you proceed and behave to give difficult feedback?

Learning what feedback is about requires to adopt the right posture. During this short course, we will set the basis for constructive interaction with better speaking, listening and observing skills to engage in group sharing where you will address real-life feedback challenges.



  • Reflexivity on feedback – 30’
  • What feedback really is and what it entails – 30’
  • SLO exercise (speak-listen-observe) – 20’ – Teams of 3
  • CODEV exercise – 80’- Teams of 4 to 6
  • Flashreport – feedback from experience, key learnings and action items

Top 3 benefits

  • Self-Awareness
    I better understand what feedback is really about and the skills required to improve
  • Confidence
    I am more confident in giving and receiving feedback in difficult situations
  • Team cohesion
    I feel stronger and more likely to rely on others to learn a skill



When you sign up, please book a specific course-time in your agenda to meet with your peers and enjoy the value of quality interactions.

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