Hermes Program

Reconnect and nurture your trust with former peers

Reconnect with former peers in a special way

When you sign up for this program, you know that you are joining a group of individuals with whom you have shared common moments. Like you, each member of your group are at a moment in their life where trust in their relationships is a major factor of growth.

This shared need to re-connect will drive each of you and the program will offer a secure environment where you can freely interact and re-discover each other while creating a common strength.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Workload: 2-3 hours per week

Group: 4 people minimum

Format: Full on-line with optional webinars on-demand

Learning Outcomes

  • Growing your ability to learn with introspection
  • Restore confidence and trust with one-on-one sharing
  • Seizing opportunities in group sharing
  • Reconciling your personal et professional sense of purpose

Is this program for me?

If you are in agreement with 3 or more of these statements, this course is for you!

  • I need to build a circle of trust around me and grow my self-confidence
  • I want to reconnect with people who once shared strong moments
  • I wish to be part of a group that has principles and routines for constructive sharing
  • I need a setting where cohesion facilitates creativity and openness
  • I want to re-create a place where I can test and challenge my choices and decisions freely
30 years of research

Much more than talking

The activities we propose are fun and natural but not random. Based on 30 years of research and practice the Savoir-Relier method has developed a set of activities and tools to develop individual and interpersonal trust.


You will feel confident in sharing and being yourself inside your Trusty as well as welcoming others and learning from your differences.


You will feel whole and part of the whole.


Practical real-life feedback on ideas and challenges

Once your Trusty is created, you will be able to share current personal and professional challenges and get nurtured by different points of view.


You will get benevolent advice from your peers and make better decisions.


Asking the right questions, you will understand yourself better in your relationships circles from multiple perspectives with reflection and introspection.

Great relationships need the right posture. During this first week, we will set the basis for great interaction by focusing on introspection and self-reflection. You will get to know the Savoir-Relier protocol and you will be equipped to dive into the program.


Workload / Agenda

  • Introduction to the Program – reconnecting (videos and exercises, 1h)
  • Individual exercice, SOLO (1h)

Top 3 benefits

  • Self-Awareness
    I better understand what I’m doing and who I am
  • Self-Esteem
    I consider myself as I am
  • Self-Confidence
    I feel stronger and I do as I say

Experiencing the true meaning of opening up to others: Learn how to build real trust in a one-on-one relationship.


During the second week you will begin the work of creating and developing a Trusty, a group of 4-6 people where deep trust is established.


Workload / Agenda

  • Introduction to the exercise (videos and slides, 30’)
  • 1-on-1 exercice: 2 Duos (2x1h30)

More Duos can be done over lunch or breakfast with members of your trusty to complete the circle of trust


Top 3 benefits

  • Confidence and trust in relationships
    I discover and welcome the other without judgement
  • Ability to open up and feel good
    I feel free to exchange without fear
  • Depth and quality of relationships
    I learn to take the time to deepen my relationships with other people

Experiencing the true meaning of opening up to others: Learn how to build real trust in a one-on-one relationship.


During the second week you will begin the work of creating and developing a Trusty, a group of 4-6 people where deep trust is established.


Workload / Agenda

  • Preparation for team exercises (videos and slides 30’)
  • Group practice (1h) : CORES
  • CODEV (1,5h)
  • Duo (continued if not completed)

Top 3 benefits

  • Find the courage to share your key challenges
    I can talk to others about challenges without fear
  • Discover ways to bounce back and use your experience
    By sharing I am able to find collective responses for my challenge as well as other people’s challenges
  • Learn to lean on and help others to find solutions that work
    I realize that I am not alone in adversity and I commit to taking action based on sharing with the group

Defining your own sense of purpose with corporate and societal engagements and aligning your personal and professional aspirations.


You will put on the table the question of alignment and balance between personal and professional goals and commitments, make sense of your current situation and project to an improved environment.


Workload / Agenda

  • Duo (continued if not completed)
  • Live webinar (1,5h) : COREL

Top 3 benefits

  • Find the gaps between personal and professional engagements
    I confront perceptions and analysis to make sense of my current work-life balance
  • Project to an improved environment
    I let go and examine new scenarios to meet my needs
  • Design your own future with purpose
    I commit to taking action to reach my aligned purpose



When you sign up, we recommend that you book a specific meeting-time each week in your agenda to interact with your peers and enjoy the value of quality interactions. This time must be convenient for all, so choose a moment outside your weekly commitments and respect individual time-zones when you are in different parts of the world.

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