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Participate to a learning experience in partnership with HEC Paris on the Coursera platform. You will engage in an expedition to uncover and practice your leadership skills.


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Used by the best companies and universities to enhance leadership development and trust amongst teams.

In 2014 I inquired about the Savoir-Relier approach as I wanted to create more cohesion and deeper, more qualitative relationships within my leadership team. Over a two-day seminar, we were able to deep-dive into ourselves and learned to truly know each other. […]

Applying Savoir-Relier to our business issues, we have increased our speed of decision and execution. I recommend the savoir-relier protocol to all leaders who wish to engage their team in self-reflection and interpersonal exchange to increase the quality of their work with a strong and common sense of purpose.


Chairman and CEO at The Absolut Company, Pernod Ricard

The challenging and highly efficient Savoir-Relier approach unleashed new energies in the team. 

The impact on the group was: higher performance, better sharing and communication and the ambition to go for superior results. 

The Savoir-Relier’s ROI is exceptional and can be measured by the strong motivation, low team turnover and the retention of high potentials.


CEO, Ulysse Nardin & girard-Perregaux at Kering

Savoir-Relier is about learning how one and one can add up to three. Nurturing interpersonal relationships may seem obvious for a sustainable growth but often times, reality falls short of expectations.

The experience of Savoir-Relier helps you understand and start building that virtuous circle, bringing sense to your accomplishments.



The methodology is incredibly powerful and has given our team a greater confidence in working together with trust and an open-minded attitude.

Everyone has appreciated the quality of relationships built and as we are in a period of significant change, this is proving extremely helpful in making efficient decisions with more fluid communication.



What they have to say

Testimonials left by some participants

I get to be more confident and fight for my sense of purpose in life, by facing the fear and wounds deep in my heart, and eventually find the balance.
Hui Ying HUANG
After taking the course I have a feeling that I have identifed and understand/ appreciate my self portrait, performance blind spot which would hopefully enhance my leadership skills and especially my decision making skills.
Manager at Emirates National Oil
It has helped me to orient myself to an understanding of emotional intelligence.
I really feel part of an extraordinary movement in leadership that is built on trusting relationships that support the growth of others, as well as developing the self.
Human Resources
My major take away from this course is being Openminded and the ability to listen effectively. the self-portrait and conversation exercise is an unforgettable one, I have learned a lot more about myself and also met a new friend.
Akinniyi Fajimi
Public health specialist
The course has helped me immensely in understanding the nuances of Leadership and had given me much deeper insights in to the art of leadership!
Manager at Ashok Leyland
Savoir-Relier is an experience that nourishes you for life.
I am doing the Savoir Relier course during a burn out I have at the moment. I just started and I already feel I made such a wise decision. It makes me happier every day and gives me positivity and strength. I love the program! Thank you!
Annemiek Rouwen
Trade Marketing Specialist at IWC Schaffhausen

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