Our Offer

Experience the Savoir-Relier methodology through our online Programs and Courses! Our distinctive approach has a specific feature: a true commitment from everyone to live interpersonal and group activities (around 2hrs/week).


All our programs, courses and workshops are therefore highly interactive and engaging with videos, articles, group exercices and reflexion, everything to keep you motivated and open to their benefits. There is some flexibility in the scheduling of some Programs (number of weeks) with a set agreement from all participants at the start. All our premium programs and courses are fully accessible on our platform and by smartphone – so you can learn on-the-go.


Registrations open 1 month before the start date. You can get an email notification by subscribing to your course. Prices for individuals are displayed below. If you wish to know prices for companies please contact us.

TitleStart dateDetailsRegister
Confidence course10 Jan, 2022linkEnroll now
Feedback workshop10 Jan, 2022linkEnroll now
Athena program10 Jan, 2022linkEnroll now
Resilience course10 Jan, 2022linkEnroll now
Assertiveness workshop10 Jan, 2022linkEnroll now
Burn Out course7 Feb, 2022linkopens soon
On-boarding workshop7 Feb, 2022linkopens soon
Conflict workshop7 Mar, 2022linkopens soon

Our Programs

Our Programs target specific audiences (senior leaders, high potentials, former peers …) to grow leadership skills within groups of people who share similar needs and face challenges that resonate with yours.

4-6 weeks


In this program, you will develop your leadership skills with a view to growing your sense of purpose, this critical why that drives your actions and decisions and helps you find a sound place and role in society.

Target audience: Talents

Our Courses

Our Courses target specific relational challenges to help you find appropriate solutions. Each course relies on the Savoir-Relier method and lasts 4 to 6 weeks to improve your competences sustainably.

4 weeks


The essential competence to develop yourself is confidence. Our core course, at the heart of the Savoir-Relier will grow your self-confidence and trust over four weeks.

You will practice individual and pair exercises using real life situations to build your self-confidence and inspire confidence in others.

Our Workshops

Our Workshops target specific situations requiring certain competences that you feel a need to improve. Each workshop is focused and short (3 to 4 hours) to raise self-awareness about the competences needed in each situation.

Before engaging in a workshop and to get the right mindset for group activities we recommend that you do our core course, Confidence.

3 hours


Feedback requires an appropriate skillset (listening, observing, speaking, empathy) to play an effective and positive role in organizations and in your relationships. “Giving” feedback is a one-way, usually top-down process. A productive feedback is two-way by essence.

You will practice one-on-one or group exercises using real-life situations that will help understand the nature of feedback not as an assessment but as an act of sharing to improve your relational experience.