Like others before you, the savoir-relier experience will make you more confident, energized and happy.

Follow four steps to grow

We chose 8 questions among 40 to help you think about yourself in four ways: you and yourself, you and others, you and your group and you in society.

You will write a self-portrait from the questions and will share it with someone else.

You will engage in a quality conversation with a peer who has also written a self-portrait and shares it with you.

You will report your perception of the experience.

« The challenging and highly efficient Savoir-Relier approach has created a new sense of belonging, trust, cohesion and has unleashed new energies in the team. »

Leadership is a process of transformational growth

  • Proven efficiency (over 1600 users from 52 countries)
  • Increased confidence and trust building
  • Collaborative mindset and respect
  • Sense of purpose and boosted energy