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Transform your managers into relational leaders.

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Savoir-Relier users are leaders in their industry and HR precursors

Good for the whole company

Within, Savoir-Relier’s online platform that extends the experience to the whole company.

  • Address top and middle management
  • Larger scale, lasting impact
  • Trust and team cohesion
  • Recruit and retain talents
  • Prevent burnouts and manage conflicts
What is Savoir-Relier?
Years old methodology
Positive feedback

” The challenging and highly efficient Savoir-Relier approach unleashed new energies in the team. 

The impact on the group was: higher performance, better sharing and communication and the ambition to go for superior results. 

The ‘Savoir-Relier’ ’s ROI is exceptional and can be measured by the strong motivation, low team turnover and the retention of high potentials. “

CEO, Ulysse Nardin – Kering

” I recommend the savoir-relier protocol to all leaders who wish to engage their team in self-reflection and interpersonal exchange to increase the quality of their work with a strong and common sense of purpose. “

Chairman & CEO, Absolut – Pernod Ricard

” The methodology is incredibly powerful and has given our team a greater confidence in working together with trust and an open-minded attitude.

Everyone has appreciated the quality of relationships built and as we are in a period of significant change, this is proving extremely helpful in making efficient decisions with more fluid communication. “

CEO SBS, Sanofi group

What can it bring to employees?

Give effective
Facilitate executive
Handle difficult

What can it bring to a company?

Recruit with the right mindset
Genuine, generous, generative behaviors
Increase group
Improve team

Measured impact on our users

Individual level

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Enhance confidence & trust

  • Foster engagement & authenticity

  • Boost entrepreneurial actions

  • Generate better acceptance

Group level

  • Capture and retain talents

  • Create authentic fit between people

  • Foster genuine behaviors

  • Open progression and mobility opportunities

  • Generate transparent and effective exchange

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