When was the last time you felt deeply connected to someone?

Within, a web platform that guides you into self-awareness, self-confidence and connection

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Learn to build
quality relationships

Savoir-Relier methodology helps you build individual and interpersonal trust, embrace adversity and complexity to influence and impact the world positively

Be guided

Within accompanies you thoughrout all 4 steps of the Savoir-Relier protocol

  1. You and yourself

    Grow self-awareness and confidence

  2. You and others

    Build trust without judgment

  3. You and a group

    Grow collective intelligence

  4. You and society

    Engage with purpose


It has helped me to orient myself to an understanding of emotional intelligence.


My major take away from this course is being Openminded and the ability to listen effectively. the self-portrait and conversation exercise is an unforgettable one, I have learned a lot more about myself and also met a new friend.

Akinniyi Fajimi
Public health specialist

I get to be more confident and fight for my sense of purpose in life, by facing the fear and wounds deep in my heart, and eventually find the balance.

Hui Ying HUANG

I am doing the Savoir Relier course during a burn out I have at the moment. I just started and I already feel I made such a wise decision. It makes me happier every day and gives me positivity and strength. I love the program! Thank you!

Annemiek Rouwen
Trade Marketing Specialist at IWC Schaffhausen

After taking the course I have a feeling that I have identifed and understand/ appreciate my self portrait, performance blind spot which would hopefully enhance my leadership skills and especially my decision making skills.

Manager at Emirates National Oil


What Within helps you to achieve

Gain Assertiveness

Produce authenticity and engagement.
Set collaborative actions and initiatives


Increase Self-awareness

Increased confidence and trust.
Practicing exploration and projection.

Develop Leadership Skills

Build robust relational leadership skills and team spirit.

Handle difficult relationships

Manage conflicts and face changes, adversity or tensions.

Grow entrepreneurial mindset

Drive initiative with purpose.

Prevent Burnout

Strong motivation, boosted energyand greater self-confidence.

Save your progress
Keep your memories

Within is a safe keep, it will record and protect your evolution and encounters.

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Always connected to others

Thanks to our ever growing community, Savoir-Relier connects you to other members so you have the external feedback needed to evolve.

  • Active community
  • Group match
  • Country match
  • Language match
  • Timezone match

Practical Features

Some features to help you along the way.

Save and Download

Access your information and update it from anywhere.

Never loose your exercices and Self-Portrait again.

Interactive Experience

Savoir-Relier experience is filled with videos, exercices and hidden extra content for the most curious minds.


A secured storage to keep your personal information safe.

Resources Page

Go back to any content or explanation to see it again.

World-wide Matching

A powerful and automatic algorithm to match you up for conversations with your group or our community.

Great Support

We do our best to answer to your questions and take your feedbacks into account in future updates. Thanks!

Within only brings positive results.
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